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Air Sampling for Hazardous Dust and Welding Fumes


Typical Air Sampling Equipment and Air Sampling Set-Up

Sampling pump with clip on cyclone for respirable dust. Air sampler fitted to person


Respirable Hazardous Dust and Fume Sampling

  • Air is drawn through the rubber hosing at a constant flow rate ( Typically 1.9 l/min to 2.2 l/min ) via a micro-processor controlled pump.
  • The sampling head consists of a Cyclone and a sealed cassette with a filter paper inside.
  • The cyclone separates dust and particles into the respirable fraction ( 10uM or smaller ).
  • Dust and welding fumes are trapped on the filter paper.
  • The cassettes are re-sealed with stoppers and returned to the laboratory for dust and welding fume analysis.

Air sampling cassette Air sampling cassette

Hazardous Gases and Fume Sampling

Hazardous Fumes like PAH's and Diesel Fumes etc. are sampled much in the same way as dust and welding fumes. The only difference being instead of a filter paper a small absorbent tube with active carbon or Tenax ® sorbent tubes replace air sampling cassettess.
The tubes are then re-sealed and returned to the laboratory were they are analysed via Gas Chromatography.

SMI Analytical can assist you with sampling equipment and sampling accessories, as well as your laboratory analysis requirements.
Vapours and Dusts are Hazardous
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